Yasin Abdulkadir

Graduate Student Researcher
Department of Radiation Oncology
University of California, Los Angeles

Yasin earned his bachelor's degree in Biophysics from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2019. He then worked in the Department of Radiation Oncology at UCLA Health as a Clinical Physics Assistant (CPA) for almost two years under the supervision of James Lamb, PhD. As a CPA, Yasin had many duties related to clinical radiation oncology including performing monthly QAs on linear accelerators and performing pre- and post-operation radioactivity surveys during LDR brachytherapy (eye plaque) treatments. He also trained a deep-learning based auto-contouring model for organ-at-risk delineation in the radiotherapy treatment workflow which was subsequently implemented within the department to aid in radiotherapy treatment planning and research. He joined the Physics & Biology in Medicine Graduate Program in 2021 and is currently in his 3rd of his PhD studies. His research projects involve the evaluation of the human factors in the implementation of deep-learning based auto-contouring tools within the clinic and the development of a screening tool to identify radiotherapy plans that have dosimetric quality outside the standard of care. Yasin is also involved with the Department of Veterans Affairs Genomic, Clinical, and Radiotherapy Information Database (GRID) Retrospective Data Ingestion Project. Outside of his academic work, Yasin enjoys watching sports, playing soccer, hiking, and playing chess.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yasin-abdulkadir-bbab82102
E-mail: yabdulkadir@mednet.ucla.edu

Recent Publications:

  1. Abdulkadir, Y, Luximon, D, Morris, E, et al. Human factors in the clinical implementation of deep learning-based automated contouring of pelvic organs at risk for MRI-guided radiotherapy. Med Phys. 2023; 50: 5969-5977. https://doi.org/10.1002/mp.16676
  2. Luximon, D. C., Ritter, T., Fields, E., Neylon, J., Petragallo, R., Abdulkadir, Y., ... & Lamb, J. M. (2022). Development and interinstitutional validation of an automatic vertebral-body misalignment error detector for cone-beam CT-guided radiotherapy. Medical Physics, 49(10), 6410-6423.
  3. Charters, J. A., Abdulkadir, Y., O'Connell, D., Yang, Y., & Lamb, J. M. (2022). Dosimetric evaluation of respiratory gating on a 0.35-T magnetic resonance-guided radiotherapy linac. Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 23(9), e13666.
  4. Luximon, D. C., Abdulkadir, Y., Chow, P. E., Morris, E. D., & Lamb, J. M. (2022). Machine-assisted interpolation algorithm for semi-automated segmentation of highly deformable organs. Medical physics, 49(1), 41-51.

Open-Source Code:

MRPAC - A desktop application program for autocontouring DICOM images sent over a DICOM Network: https://github.com/YAAbdulkadir/MRPAC
MRPelvisAutoContouring - MIM Extensions for Autocontouring of Images of the Pelvis from a 0.35T MR System: https://github.com/YAAbdulkadir/MRPelvisAutoContouring